Welcome to the TASTE of TAMPA BAY Magazine!

A special thank you goes to the North Pinellas Regional Chamber of Commerce and to all of our local supporters who know that the North Pinellas area is filled with unique and fabulous epicurean treasures.

It is my desire that Tampa Bay natives and those new to the area will discover, through our articles that Tampa Bay has some of the most attractive, naturally beautiful and fun filled recreational and hospitality venues in the Bay area. Each of our quarterly magazines will focus on a local region of the Tampa Bay area.

I believe that the Tampa Bay  area does not get enough credit for its many culinary assets. It is also a fun place to visit, play or relax. Our local restaurants, parks, beaches and communities are second to none.

North Pinellas County provides a plethora of potential and wonderful gastronomical experiences from restaurants, bakeries, butchers, sea food suppliers, interesting hole-in-the wall hospitality venues, and a wide variety of cultural experiences. These establishments provide delicious food products at impressive values. It is our mission to present a vast array of the best and most interesting as well as convenient and comfortable dining and hospitality experiences to our readers in each and every future issue.

If you have any special places that you would like to see featured in one of our issues, please let us know.

Don’t forget to tell our supporters that you found them in the TASTE of Tampa Bay  Magazine.

Bon Appetite!

Steve Fiske


Spring 2014

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