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The TASTE of Tampa Bay Magazine expanded its audience in September as a local radio show and podcast on Tampa Bay’s AM 860 The Answer. The show includes discussions about food, wine, travel, hospitality and related topics. The TASTE of Tampa Bay is broadcast Saturday afternoons 3-4PM, its listeners are ideal candidates for Saturday evening dining, Sunday activities as well as entertainment recommendations and referrals. Using traditional broadcasting as well as podcasts and Internet technology, The TASTE of Tampa Bay listeners can “tune in” whenever they want, giving them the freedom to enjoy the show while driving, relaxing at home.

The TASTE of Tampa Bay is produced once a week and may be heard LIVE Saturday afternoon from 3-4 PM on AM 860 The Answer. Each show is 60 minutes long. The TASTE of Tampa Bay is hosted by Steve Fiske, the Publisher of The TASTE of Tampa Bay Magazine. Invited guests and listeners offer their opinions and experiences to share with the audience. An eclectic group of food professionals appear on the show. These notables include authors, chef’s organic farmers, restaurateurs, bakers, butchers and food processors as well as luminaries from the worlds of politics, Professional sports and entertainment industry.

The TASTE of Tampa Bay is for those who share a passion for food. From favorite local “hole in the wall” joints to elegant white table cloth venues, all listeners will share the passion and enjoyment that comes with a selective palate seeking that new epicurean experience. Whether one has a “meat and potatoes” mindset or is a seasoned and adventurous gourmet, this show is for them. The shows are designed to have a wide scale appeal. Our audience is well educated

According to station data the live radio show is heard by an average of 75,000 listeners in that time slot. Podcasts can be listened to live on the web or downloaded and enjoyed long after they are produced, therefore listenership will expand to various degrees. What is most significant is that the quality of our listening audience means that we will be reaching an educated mass with disposable income and an interest in dining out as well as a willingness to discover new places to

The quality of production and content of The TASTE of Tampa Bay magazine is well known. The radio show’s editorial mix will reflect the same quality editorial and production. The TASTE of Tampa Bay on Air is produced in a professional studio by radio professionals with professional production personnel. When “remote” broadcasts are conducted, they will be using up to date equipment and professional studio engineers.

The targeted age groups that will listen to The TASTE of Tampa Bay radio are as varied as the Tampa Bay demographics themselves. Younger adult audiences will tune in for discussions regarding sustainable local food offerings, organic and hormone free foods as well as news about the most trendy restaurants and festivals, while a more mature audience will tune in to listen to tips about heart healthy foods, travel tips and good value for the dollar. Both will want to know where they can go to enjoy a terrific meal with good service and have fun doing it. This is a show that will help build generational bridges, not break them.

The average household income of this audience is expected to reflect the average of the person who can afford to dine out at least once or twice a week. This person has discretionary income, credit, and a sense of culinary adventure and is educated.

We offer a variety of radio show, Web, Podcast and on site “remote broadcast” sponsorship. The TASTE of Tampa Bay offers a host of promotional partnerships and advertising possibilities. These range from on air interviews, remote on site broadcasts, product tie-ins, and special events, vendor opportunities, on air giveaways, spot mentions, advertising spots; call in promotions, discount coupon book tie-ins, etc. Our promotional partners may choose from a variety of promotional methods to effectively measure the ROI show results.

Our supporters’ ads may be a part of the show incorporated and presented by the host, or as pre-recorded promotional spots. We will present one’s message in a way that integrates with the format and style of the show, and because it is read by the host, adds a personal communication “feel” to the delivery. It will have the feel of an implied endorsement.

Your logo and ad copy will be placed on our web site, where it is seen by all of our readers and listeners. This placement, when added to the in-audio message, creates a top-of-mind awareness for your product and service, as well as giving visitors to the site a way to click to connect to



A business owner and entrepreneur, Steve brings to the show a lifelong passion for good food, travel and the desire to share his knowledge and experiences with anyone who will listen. “I was blessed to have two parents who knew good food and were equally adept in the culinary arts”, says Steve. His experiences as former restaurant operator, event producer and marketing consultant especially in the hospitality industry provides a solid and diverse base for hosting the varied expected show themes and guests.

Among other things, he has worked on The TASTE of Chicago, created and produced the Southern California Margarita Mix-Off Competition, produced several local foodie events such as Chocolate Sunday at Ruth Eckerd Hall, The Taste of Palm Harbor, The Tampa Bay Lobster Festival and the Breathsavers Kiss-Off completion.

The Tampa Bay market has experienced significant population growth in recent decades and has emerged as one of this country’s most popular tourist destinations. Along with Tampa’s growing tourist trade and local population has been the demand for eclectic dining and entertainment venues. The TASTE of Tampa Bay has been at the forefront of the hospitality industry and is taking its messages to the public via traditional Traditionally rich with Latin based culture Tampa Bay can boast of Latin restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and coffee shops that represent a wide spectrum of Latin cultures that are second to none. Tampa’s expanded ethnic culinary experiences now include a variety of delicious treasures from Asian and Indian grocery stores to Polish, Hungarian and German butchers, soul food restaurants, traditional Italian markets, neighborhood bistros, seafood markets, including world favorite renowned travel destinations such as Tarpon Springs Greek culture and Ybor’s Columbian Restaurant.

Steve Fiske, Publisher of The TASTE of Tampa Bay Magazine hosts a weekly radio Show on Tampa’s WGUL AM 860 The Answer on Saturdays afternoons. The show’s content will incorporate guest interviews, call-ins, inside information, favorite eating establishments from high-end chic restaurants to take out venues. Listeners will be able to resource new establishments, old time local favorites and make their own recommendations. Selections will represent every price range and environment. The show will be educational, informational, resourceful and entertaining.

Those seeking to attract new customers and clients who enjoy good food and a casual lifestyle may take advantage of a strategic alliance with the new show. For information regarding advertising and promotional opportunities please contact us here.